• The document I have bought has a password/ unlock code / pin / secret word / secret code. Which password do I use?

Many of our products/documents are password protected. The password will normally be availed to you after purchasing a product. Carefully check the download link for the password. In case you did not see the password after purchasing a document, try this password: Qualixia . If this does not work for you, please contact us and let us know about the issue.

  • My file has a password. What is the password, unlock code, or pin?

Normally the password for a pre-written file automatically comes with the confirmation message that you receive immediately after paying for your order. It is on the table just above your address on the cell above “Subtotal”. In case you don’t find a password, please try the password: Qualixia . If that does not work for you, please contact us by chat, WhatsApp, or email. 

Document pin/password: “Qualixia” without quotation “” marks. 

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