BMWP AND ASPT Calculator


Title: BMWP-ASPT Calculation Template
Published/Last Updated: May 2023
Total Pages: 4 visible sheets
File Type: Microsoft Excel
References/ Links to sources: Included



BMWP AND ASPT Calculator

This Excel template has been designed to help you calculate BMWP and ASPT scores for one or more locations or periods (up to 30 locations or periods) fast and easily. You will need to find or have in place BMWP sensitivity scores for the different families/taxa found in the location you are studying. Note that the BMWP sensitivity scores for a given family may vary from one location to another, depending on their geographical and ecological conditions.

The template has 4 visible sheets; Instructions, Raw data, Error check, and Results. You will need to enter your data on the “Raw data” sheet in the area bound by the thick green line/cells. The results of the analysis are presented on the Results sheet. Here is a background to BMWP, ASPT, and the template. 


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