First Response Emergency Care – Component 1


Title: First Response Emergency Care – Component 1
Published/Last Updated: August 2022
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This article attempts to answer these and other “First Response Emergency Care – Component 1″ questions: 

Question 1. As a First Responder, you are called to a responsive female at a noisy house party who is slumped over on a sofa outside in the garden. Bystanders are giving you disjointed and confusing information. In no more than 500 words, rationalise why a <C>ABCDE method is used for primary patient assessment and briefly explain each element of the assessment in the context of this patient, including airway stepwise approach.

Question 2. You attend a scene where there are four casualties to deal with. Using the triage sieve below, offer a classification for each of them: Please state which triage sieve used – (NARU or MPTT-24)

Here is the complete list of questions answered 

First Response Emergency Care – Component 1 Ref code 4004 – part 1

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