First Response Emergency Care – Component 2


Title: First Response Emergency Care – Component 2
Published/Last Updated: February 2022
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This article attempts to answer these and other “First Response Emergency Care – Component 2″ questions: 

Question 1: Using the table below, explain the functions of each component of the respiratory system and then explain the ‘cycle of breathing’.

Question 2: Short answer question: Explain the following terms and the effects they have on the lungs when reduced. – Elasticity, Compliance, Airway resistance

Question 3: You are called to a male patient who has been struck by a car. He appears to be unconscious and breathing with a weak radial pulse. You note that the left side of his chest is not rising and falling equally; no sign of catastrophic haemorrhage; snoring sound coming from his airway; breathing is fast and shallow; circulation is compromised. Develop a treatment plan for this patient incorporating:

  • Scene consideration and additional resources
  • Patient assessment
  • Patient management
  • Transport to definitive care

Here is the complete list of questions answered 

First Response Emergency Care – Component 2 Ref code 4004 – part 2

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