Nitrogen Balance Experiment Urine


Title: Nitrogen Balance Experiment Using Simulated Urine Samples
Published/Last Updated: August 2022
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This paper attempts to provide solutions to the following question and other questions  related to the Nitrogen Balance Experiment Using Simulated Urine Samples:

For this assay, you were asked to dilute your samples. Please explain in your own words why you think you were asked to do this.

You were also asked to make your own standards from a stock solution of 1mg/ml. Please indicate the amounts of stock solution and water you added to make 10mls of each of your own standards. …

Match subject and sample (urea excreted)

  • Healthy vegetarian subject consuming 35g dietary protein per day
  • Obese subject undergoing therapeutic fast. 24 h urine sample from day 5 of fast
  • Healthy football player, consuming 75 g protein per day

Here is are all the questions that this paper attempts to answer. 


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