First Response and Emergency Care – Component 3


Title: First Response and Emergency Care – Component 3
Published/Last Updated: January 2023
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  • First Response and Emergency Care – Component 3 – Revision Questions.  This revision paper attempts to provide solutions to the following and other emergency care and first response questions:
  • Describe the physical and psychosocial development of a child, focusing on the body parts:  Brain and nervous system, head, heart, chest and lungs, communication, comprehension, musculoskeletal system, emotions. 
  • Provide the ranges for normal respiratory rates and normal heart rates for children

Age- Respiratory rage
Age- Heart rate range (from deep sleep to awake)

  • From the following list of common childhood illnesses, summarize and describe three illnesses and their recognition features: Bronchiolitis • Croup • Viral wheeze •Epiglottitis • Meningococcal septicaemia • Sepsis
  • Explain each component of the paediatric assessment triangle.
  • Name and define four complications of childbirth

Here is a full list of the of the questions the paper attempts to answer.


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