First Response and Emergency Care – Component 1


Title: First Response and Emergency Care – Component 1
Published/Last Updated: August 2022
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First Response and Emergency Care – Component 1 Revision Questions.  This paper attempts to provide solutions to the following and other emergency care and first response questions:

Q. You have been called to attend to an emergency situation at a noisy house party. The person you need to attend to in your capacity as a first responder is a responsive female who is slumped over on a sofa outside in the garden. The information you are getting from bystanders is disjointed and confusing. Briefly discuss why a <C>ABCDE approach is applied in the primary assessment of patients. Also briefly explain each of the elements of the assessment in the context of the female patient in this case. Ensure to include the airway stepwise approach in your explanation.

Q. You are in a scene in which you have to attend to four casualties. Classify each of the casualties using a triage sieve (MPTT-24 or NARU). Specify which triage sieve you have used.

Casualty 1: The casualty is mobile, alert, and shows no signs of catastrophic bleeding. The casualty’s airway is clear, has a pulse rate of 94 beats per minute and a breathing rate of 12 respirations per minute.

Here is a full list of the of the questions the paper attempts to answer.


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