Nike Supply Chain Time Based Competition (TBC)


Title: Nike Supply Chain Time-Based Competition (TBC)
Published/Last Updated: 2019-2020
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This article answers the prompt: Apply the concept of time-based competition to Nike Company, Explain how the company can deliver their products/services using time-based competition concepts. In addition, Consider the industry and other environmental constraints that influence Nike company approach.

The paper starts by giving a very brief background on Nike company and defines time-based competition. It then discusses how Nike has achieved time-based competition through the changes it has made to its supply chain (systems, processes, and technologies) and how these changes have benefited the organisation. It then discusses what Nike should do or the opportunities it has to deliver time-based competition. It concludes by discussing some constraints/challenges the company is facing in its pursuit for TBC. This paper basically helps you understand how companies apply /can apply TBC to achieve competitive advantage. Here is a preview of the paper


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