Statistical Process Control Case Study


Title: Statistical Process Control Case Study
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Published/Last Updated: February, 2024
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This paper attempts to provide a solution to the following prompt: 

Present literature review on statistical process control highlighting the development of the concept from the time it was developed to-date. You have been provided with historic data relating to temperature of combined effluence discharged by company ABCD . The data provides temperatures recorded four times a day during the month of September 2022. The company’s effluent discharges are usually controlled within the 250C to 350C range. The company usually performs weekly maintenance on the balancing system, whose effect is to neutralise the pH of the effluent and in the process heats up the discharge. The maximum temperature allowed for the discharge is 400C. Using the data, visualise the performance of the company’s effluent control process. Ensure that you describe the analytical approach you have applied and include any graphs you have produced. Based on your analysis/visualisation, how well has the effluent control process performed? What priorities should the company adopt for quality improvements? Here is a preview of the paper


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